Welcome Back Letter

Dear Parents, Guardians and Families,

Greetings! As you are aware, we are returning to school this fall under scenario 1, which is in-person learning with health measures. Our school is committed to doing everything we can to mitigate risk by adhering to the NGPS Re-entry Handbook. We want all of our students to know that they are safe, that they belong and we are here to support their learning. We are sharing important start-up information we need in place for a safe and successful return to school. 

To start our school year we are using a staggered entry for September 2nd through 4th.  Each child will attend school only 1 day out of the first 3 days, September 2nd through 4th. 


Grade 3 and 5 students attend Wed., Sept. 2 

Grades 2 & 6 students attend Thurs., Sept. 3

Grades 1, 4 & 7 students attend Fri., Sept. 4

Bus drivers will be given the names of the students and the dates they will attend for staggered start. 

PLEASE NOTE: A separate staggered entry will be used for Kindergarten and details will be emailed to those parents.

Regular attendance schedule begins Tuesday, September 8th. Our kindergarten classes attend alternating days which will be indicated on our OES public calendar.


We recognize that these are stressful and unpredictable times and we want to help relieve some of the stresses that our students experience when starting a new school year. By Tuesday, September 1st, we will be sharing our OES Handbook, the name of your child’s teacher, which classroom they will be in, which door and bootroom to access, along with a map of the school. 

Alberta Education has provided Get The Facts for parents and guardians. Please review the information so you have the most up to date details for our safe and successful re-entry.

All families will be required to complete the Alberta Health Daily Checklist prior to allowing your child to attend school. 

At this time, no parents, guardians, volunteers or visitors are allowed in the school without an appointment. Prior to entering the school, everyone must complete the Alberta Health Daily Checklist. Individuals entering the school will be required to wear a mask. 


Families driving their children to school will notice some safety upgrades to our drop off and pick up process. Signage has been provided to enhance the flow of traffic and students will only exit and enter vehicles from within our pick up/drop off loop. To assist with safe and efficient flow of traffic, adults bringing students to school will be asked to stay in their vehicle while school staff greet students and direct them to their assigned door. At the end of day, children will wait on the South side tarmac until their ride is within the designated drop off loop. Supervision for students dropped off does not begin until 8:40 a.m. Pick up times begin after 3:20 p.m. (times may be adjusted)

Parents and guardians of children who have complex needs and require support to enter the building should contact their school office in late August. Staff will work with them to develop a plan that is safe for both students and staff. 

Students that walk to school will need to arrive no earlier than 8:40 for supervision purposes. Strict adherence to these times is required. There will not be any access to playground equipment before or after school as per the guidelines. 

Students in grade 4 to 12 will be required to wear a mask on the bus at all times. Students in Kindergarten to grade 3 are encouraged to wear a mask. A strict seating plan will be used. If a child is sick on the bus they will be masked and separated when possible. The school will contact the family to arrange immediate pick up from the school. Our bus unloading and loading procedures have been adjusted to follow the required health measures. 


For more information on Busing and Transportation please contact the Transportation Department at transportation@ngps.ca or (780) 778-2800, 1-888-785-3396, (780) 524-3833 and review the details in the section on transportation in the NGPS handbook page16.

All OES water fountains have been turned off.  Students require their own water bottle. Personal water bottles can be filled in classrooms or at the water bottle filling station that has recently been installed. 

Currently, there is one NGPS school fee (Technology fee) required. Payment can be made using School Cash Online. Payment of technology fees is required by families choosing the online learning option, prior to arranging for the pick up of Chromebooks. Write-On Stationery supplies that may have been ordered by these families can be picked up at this time. We hope this provides you with the details regarding start up for school re-entry. We are fully committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students to be successful. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Jody Beck

Onoway Elementary School Principal

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