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Onoway Elementary School serves 471 students in Kindergarten through Grade 7. Our technology rich school is located in the rural town of Onoway, 65 kilometers northwest of Edmonton. To meet the needs of a diverse population, teachers provide multiple pathways to learning. A caring, respectful and safe environment welcomes students and parents to OES.

Our school’s library learning commons houses a robust, dynamic collection of print and digital resources all supporting curriculum and reading. The library offers student centered, flexible spaces that promote higher order thinking and encourage participatory learning. With the availability of wireless technology, 21st century learners are encouraged to think critically, problem solve, make decisions and communicate.

Onoway Elementary School excels thanks to dedicated staff and the positive relations the school has developed with parents and the community. Together we inspire a love of learning in each child’s journey; opening the door to endless possibilities.

Onoway Elementary School is strengthened by a supportive, involved School Council. The mission of the council is to foster the well-being and effectiveness of our school community and enhance student learning. All parents/guardians of students enrolled in OES are invited to attend regularly scheduled meetings.


Jody Taylor, Principal


Jody Taylor, Principal

Amanda Beekman, Assistant Principal


Touching Tomorrow Today


At Onoway Elementary School, we foster personal excellence, academic success and develop good citizenship in a caring environment.


We believe:

  • Through respect for ourselves and others, we are committed to creating a friendly, safe and welcoming school which fosters and nurtures positive relationships within our working and learning community.
  • It is important that we all become a part of a healthy and supportive community.
  • Effective instructional strategies engage students in their learning.
  • Emphasizing academics and holding high expectations for all students leads to success.

Together we inspire a love of learning in each child’s journey; opening the door to endless possibilities.


Our logo design and branding emphasizes our beliefs:
We are a school that is forward thinking. We creatively use a variety of learning spaces and strategies to ensure kids are engaged in meaningful tasks. We use new technologies. We celebrate diversity. We are welcoming, safe and caring. 

  • Our logo emphasizes the safe and caring nature of OES. An acorn’s exterior protects the seed within.
  • Of the millions of diverse seeds, this is the one that produces one of the strongest trees in the world – the mighty oak.
  • The cutting edge design is forward thinking.
  • The seed itself represents progress and growth. And, of course, the acorn plants seedlings, matching our motto: ‘touching tomorrow today.

Our logo also represents growth. It symbolizes the future of education, and the ongoing success and growth of our students.

Programs and Services

Our school is staffed by outstanding teachers and support staff who strive to provide opportunities for all students to achieve success. We engage our students in critical thinking activities beginning in Kindergarten. Teachers use a number of strategies to help students develop these skills and apply them to their learning.

Technology is embedded in teaching and learning with a 1:1 student to device ratio. We offer a variety of programs and supports to stimulate the interests of all students, including:

  • robust reading programs that match books to readers providing differentiated instruction through small group work
  • Wellness Coach and a flexible Learning Assistance Center to support the needs of all students
  • an engaging Physical Education program that includes cross-country skiing, skating, swimming and outdoor education
  • exemplary music program instructed by a music specialist providing a variety of extra-curricular music experiences.
  • occupational therapy and speech language assistance available
  • balanced class sizes

We offer exciting opportunities to all students for a well-rounded education.  We encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities such as:

  • student leadership and volunteer opportunities
  • a variety of other sporting activities like mini-handball, cross-country skiing, running club, basketball, volleyball, badminton
  • singing, recorder and choir
  • drama club
  • lego robotics club
  • AMA safety patrol
  • games and craft clubs
  • green team promoting environmental stewardship