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Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy National Hugging Day OES! Hug your friends, hug your teachers, hug your parents and siblings. Hugging is a nice way to show a little love to somebody you love. Hugging is also a nice way to say sorry. A tip for perseverance today is, don't Taking the easy way out by cheating, quitting, or avoiding a situation doesn’t make the challenge go away. It just makes you have to deal with it at a different time. Perseverance helps you get through the challenge, even though it’s hard, and gives you that warm feeling in your heart of knowing you did the right thing. A huge shout out to Hudson in 5T for showing responsibility!!! Great job keep up the awesome work!!! Remember to think of ideas for our spirit day on the 29th, Summer Day! There will be a Snowbusters meeting Monday, January 28th at noon in Ms. Doyles room. All grade 6's and 7's who want to downhill ski, please attend. If there is room, there will be a Grade 5 Snowbusters meeting on Tuesday, January 29th. There is a Lego meeting today after school. The last one before the competition. See you there. Drama roles have been posted outside of Mrs. Lapachuks room, on her window. Congratulations. There will be a meeting and scripts handed out next week. Listen for details. Today is the start of the grade 2 and 3 Junior Choir. If you are in grade 2 or 3 and you like to sing, please come to the music room at lunch recess today to join the Junior Choir. Mrs Olson hopes to see you there! Running Club - Your first practice is tomorrow after school. Remember to have someone pick you up at 5:00pm and let your bus driver know. Fish Society meets in 6B at noon today! This club is open to grades 4,5,& 6. New members welcome. Come learn about and take care of our fish in the Learning Commons. See you there!

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