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No School Reminder: there is no school for NGPS students, April 19-26, on account of Easter and the spring break! First day back for students is Monday, April 29. Have a wonderful Easter holiday!






What's The Scoop?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Happy National Animal Crackers Day OES! Do you like crackers? They are usually in the shape of an animal, it would be weird if they weren’t. It is usually in a shape of a zoo or circus animal. For physical wellness today recognize how your body is feeling today. Take a moment and do a body scan. Are there areas of your body that feel sore? Tight? Strong? Relaxed? Try to understand how your body is feeling and then focus your energy on those areas that need more love and energy. Stretching your muscles will help bring energy to those areas, as well as deep breathing. When announcements are done, as a class take a couple of minutes to stretch out your muscles. Your bodies do so much work daily, give them a treat and stretch them out! Don’t forget to take those deep breaths while stretching! The grade 5 handbell club meets today. A huge shout-out to Mary in 4JB for showing kindness and acceptance to others. Thank you Mary for being so caring towards others! Teachers, please remember to send your Snack Bins to the main hallway by 2pm today! Happy Thursday before the LONG WEEKEND! Hurray! In lieu of this, let’s all get up and MOVE!! Moving is critical for your brains and bodies, so let’s all get up and DANCE! Go in the hallways OES and dance in the hallways today. Teachers take your class to the hallways and everyone DANCE in the hallways outside of your class! LET”S MOVE! After you have moved in the hallways then get stretching OES!

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