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Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy National Puppy Day OES! Do you like puppies? Which one is your favorite out of the two, kitten or puppy? They can be fluffy or have barely any hair. They can be one or multiple colors. They are adorable and amazing buddies. They can be service animals and help people that have special needs. A huge shout out to Corbin in 2LM for showing self-control and responsibility. Keep up the great work Corbin! Today is DRESS FANCY DAY! We love seeing everyone dressed up. Thank you to those who participated. The class that has the most participation will receive cookies from the leadership team during the assembly. Today is also the Photo Booth Fundraiser. During lunch recess, if you are interested in getting your photo taken, you will need to come to Ms. Kelly and give your $1 per photo to the leadership students who will be accepting the money. Grade 7 leadership students will be coming around to find out who is going to be getting pictures right away this morning to help the photo booth run smoothly. All the money earned will go to Aven and her family. You will receive your picture in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your support! This morning is our assembly, so remember to be respectful audience members. The grade 7 students have worked hard to prepare the assembly for you to enjoy, so please listen to them when they are speaking. Show great leadership today OES, with your attentive listening, still bodies, and watchful eyes. Great leaders exhibit these behaviors when others are speaking, so work on this today. Thank you! The grade 6 and 7 Handbell Club meets today at lunch recess. There is still room for one or two more members to join, so if you are in grade 6 or 7 and you would like to join the handbell club, please come to the music room at noon today.

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