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I’m always on the look-out for ways to grab student attention in the Learning Commons. The periodic travelling art exhibitions, classroom projects showcased each month, and book displays are great ways to add visual interest to this space. This is the ideal location for all kinds of visual works, as the heart of the school, all staff and students pass through these doors.

The art exhibits usually evoke response from adult and child alike. We participate in the program twice throughout the school year, providing a gallery experience right here at home.

Each grade has their creations (art and otherwise) displayed for one month. Individuals are often delighted to see their hard work on show. Often times they send parents to stop by and peruse. 

Book displays are the trickiest. Librarians have gone to great lengths creating displays, some well received others passed over. I’ve done many different presentations over the years, promoting books, authors, love of reading, etc. I quickly learned that an interactive display is the way to go. It fosters interest and engagement in our collection.

I have seen brown paper bag and wrapped book displays in varied styles. I decided to give it a try, in the spirit of unwrapping great gifts. Thankful for the eager support of my Grade 7 Community Helpers. They quickly took to picking sleepers off of the fiction stacks, wrapping, writing interesting captions, then building a pile of mystery books.

I love how a project quickly comes to life.  In collaboration with Mrs. Bell, we added a pay-it-forward aspect to it. I’m thrilled to see how this plays out, as the books are returned and individuals take their turn re-wrapping and promoting their reading. The first Grade 5 class to come through exhausted all our ‘gifts’, as did a Grade 7 group soon-after. 

Now back to more book wrapping…

Mrs. Lesko


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