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The Grade 2 Compassion Project has found a home, more-so a wall.  I’ve amassed the links, almost covering a large bulletin board. As I layered the chain, stapler in hand, I caught myself reading a few links as I went along. And even now as I pass by words pop out. Words critical to this project; kindness, helpful, brother, friend. Students can’t help but take in the powerfully graphic display that their undertaking has become. They can give it a passing glance, or if they’re drawn to it they can go in a little deeper. Maybe read a few standout words, or look for links they’ve submitted. Upon deeper exploration, they may notice the black frames standing out, begging to be read.

One frame speaks of the chain and encourages participants to fill out compassion links at their leisure.  (We will continue to add links until the end of the school year.)  Jars with empty links, pencils, and completed links await on the nearby counter. The second frame showcases a math challenge. Here too, the counter space boasts essentials to complete the task.  A question is presented, and with some effort students can give their answer. We’ll change up the math every couple of weeks to maintain interest, and give away a token prize to a participant each week.

Both frames encourage students to act. We’ve been promoting interactivity, and cultivating an open culture for some time now. Many students don’t even hesitate, they understand this is the place to think with things, and by the looks of the entries in our math challenge jar they are very willing. 

Mrs. Lesko


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