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New at OES!!!!

OES believes in sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork. We know that through
cross-graded activities and physical activity, we can create opportunities to build connections
and develop a sense of belonging. At OES we are a community of successful learners.
This year, OES is offering House League Teams for Grades K through 7! Students are
separated into cross-graded teams and assigned to a color team led by two staff members.
They will stay with this team throughout the year and will sit together during every assembly.
During assemblies, they are encouraged to wear their house league team color and there will be
team building activities and mini-competitions to increase team spirit.
Every lunch hour there are Intramurals offered for Division 1 students (K-3) and Division 2
students (4-7). Students are encouraged to come to the gym and participate when their color
team is playing. For every participant, the house league team gets a point! For all challenges,
house league teams are awarded points for participation, attitude and sportsmanship, as well as
a win! Each month there will be an announcement for the winning house league team,
congratulating their progress and teamwork. At two times during the school year (December and
June), there will be prizes awarded to the house league team in the lead!


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