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Lego X-Bots

“Onoway” - “X-BOTS”  “OES” “X-BOTS”…  Was the chant that you could hear emanating from the Onoway Elementary students and echoing down the hallways during NAIT’S First LEGO League competition. January 19th, the team of nine OES students competed with 58 other LEGO robotics teams from around the province at this energetic and exciting event.

This event allowed these first time competitors to make connections and share their ideas with the other competitors.They also demonstrated their developing skills in four different areas- core values, research, technical programing and robotic challenges. They were able to observe variety innovative robots designs, great programming techniques and creative research projects. They gathered knowledge and new experiences. 

When the team was asked what they liked the best, they responded with great enthusiasm. “Everything!” – They responded, “We learned more about the sensors and about different ways to accomplish the tasks. We learned to ask for help when we were confused. We learned to think as a group and work as a team, because it accomplishes more than by ourselves. They all felt that the competition was fun and a safe place to learn and make mistakes. Even when they made mistakes and experienced successes, the Onoway X-BOTS were great ambassadors for our school. They displayed an amazing amount of gracious professionalism by being happy about what they learned, excited to continue learning and supportive of others who were competing. We are very proud of these aspiring computer engineers and cannot wait to see what they will achieve at the next years competition. 

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