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It’s Growing…

A Thursday morning in late September a young fellow marches down the hallway, an enormous sunflower plant in tow.  His goal, to display it in the Learning Commons, of course!


This is just the beginning. We are now doing collective displays in the Learning Commons. Inspired by the graphic displays showcased over the past few years. Namely, the art journal quilt and compassion chain.  Pair this with students having grown accustomed to all sorts of interactive displays throughout the space.


This being a collaborative showcase, we are looking for contributions. Our study for the next 4 weeks, as you may have guessed is Sunflowers.  Anything sunflowers; poems, paragraphs, stories, paintings, sketches, models, diagrams, photographs, and of course live flowers. If it can be displayed, it will be.


If you've got something for out display send it our way; but no priceless heirlooms, please. Items clearly labelled will be returned to their owners. We look forward to watching this display bloom .


Mrs. Lesko


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