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It Began With a Pledge

Both Grade 7 classes registered in the Energize Oil Country challenge program. It began with a pledge, each student agreed to be active for at least 60 minutes a day, signing their own personal pledge and the class poster. This was the beginning of a 10 week challenge. Bringing awareness of activity levels by logging their time engaged in; phys ed class, extracurricular activities, and leisurely physical activities.

To complement the overall challenge there were 3 challenges highlighting health and wellness. Ms. Doyle’s class won Challenge #3 submitting a photo diary/video of their class engaged in their Energize Project.  And just like the Stanley Cup, there is only one winner for each challenge.  Congratulations 7D!

The group proudly partook in an afternoon pep-rally with Edmonton Oilers Trainers and Mascot – Hunter. They spent the afternoon in the gymnasium in activity and cheer.  Walking away with a great experience and Edmonton Oilers souvenirs.

Check out our photo gallery for more great images from the event.  For more information visit  


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