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How Our Actions Might Affect Others...Operation Christmas Child

Our Grade 3 classes spearheaded the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox campaign again this year. Aligned to their Social Studies Global Citizenship learning, this group found a variety of means to promote a great charity.

Posters went up all over the school, they made a news report styled video to share at our October assembly, gave morning announcements and created interactive displays in our Learning Commons.  Last week our school community came together to donate 98 shoeboxes filled with kindness and generosity!  Way to go Grade 3 and everyone who supported this project.

The questions posed to our student body returned some very thoughtful responses.  Following are the four questions posed to them. How would you answer?

  • If you could create an organization to make a positive impact, what would it be?
  • Why is having organizations like Operation Christmas Child important?
  • By donating a shoebox, how have you affected another person in the world?
  • When a child receives a shoebox, how do you think they feel?

Stop by the Learning Commons to view our tower of donated shoe-boxes and questions display.  For more information on Operation Christmas Child or to donate visit


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