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Hour Zero

As you may already know, NGPS will have a District-wide Emergency Response Plan, which will be implemented in the event of a local disaster or school emergency. The primary objective of the plan is to ensure the safety of your child. The implementation of this plan will begin September 2019. However, OES will be practicing a few of the precautionary drills before the end of June to be ready for these new processes.

Although it is unlikely that the Emergency Response Plan will need to be fully activated at your child’s school, the possibility still does exist. Therefore, to prepare all members of the school community, including your child, we will be conducting practice drills at the school. These drills, which will occur on a periodic basis throughout the year, will cover a variety of circumstances. In addition to practicing drills, we will also be discussing with students the appropriate actions to take during a number of emergencies. These drills and accompanying discussions are designed to prepare your child to act quickly and to minimize your child’s fear should an emergency occur.

Our webiste, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts will be tools we will use, along with our weekly messages to families, to communicate additional information about Hour Zero. Please check these sources of information on a regular basis to state up-to-date. 

We want you to know that your cooperation in preparing your child and helping us to ensure their safety is greatly appreciated. As always, should you have any questions or concerns regarding anything stated above, please feel free to contact the school at (780)967-5209.



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