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Grade 5 Hands On Learning of Colonization

Our Grade 5 Social Studies program takes in stories and ways of life of Canada’s peoples.  Students learn how various events have contributed to Canadians’ identity.  The residential school experience and acknowledgement is a poignant example of this learning. And so, today, Anne Martens from NGPS Learning Services and Annabelle Kootenay, Alexis Elder joined our Grade 5's in a Blanket Exercise.  

"We are walking toward healing...hand in hand." - Annabelle Kootenay, Elder guest

Grade 7 students John Alexis and Shianna Kootenay facilitated the entire exercise, beginning with the Treaty Acknowledgement, presenting a gift to our guest Elder, then transitioning the group learning through the Kairos Blanket Exercise script, cuing fellow students to their readings. The learning reinforced by the removal of possessions, identity and family and symbolic folding and unfolding of blankets; representing the lands of this expansive nation. The group then moved on to culminate the experience with a sharing circle, passing around an eagle feather in turn to speak.

"I learned that first nation[s] people weren't respected." - Leiam Wedman, 5T

This is an afternoon that will resonate with these students, as each participant comes to understand their own place in this story of colonization.  It is a very personal and moving experience.  Our heartfelt thank you Anne and Annabelle for participating today, and to our facilitators for their grace and aptitude.





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