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Grade 1 Tooth Talks!

Our Grade 1 classes took in dental presentations today. Tennille Needham, Dental Hygienist from Tooth Talks Inc. spent the afternoon onsite.  Speaking to the crew about all aspects of oral health in a grade appropriate fashion, complete with hands on activities and brushing practice. The Tooth Fairy even stopped by for a photo op!


"I learned that we have to brush our teeth in circles." – Shelby 1C


A huge thank you to North Stony Dental, in Stony Plain, for sponsoring this Tooth Talk Inc. event; complete with ‘plaque attack’ goody bags.  Ms. Needham, thank you for volunteering your time to share your tooth knowledge and enriching our student learning! 


 "If you don’t brush your teeth, you’ll get a black cavity. And you don’t want that to happen!" – Jeffery 1K


Check out our photo gallery for great images from today's presentation. 



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