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Gardening Gloves are Optional!

A hands on social and science project, our Grade One and Life Skills classes trekked to Homestead Hearth (the Pipkin family farm) to plant their community garden! 

More than a garden planting experience; the students interacted with animals such as chickens, goats, llamas, rabbits, donkeys, dogs and cats. The crew pet and held farm critters and tried their hand at feeding a few. They also took in a nature walk and outdoor games such as parachute play.

Suited up in their gardening gear - sunscreen, hats and bug spray.  It was a super day to plant a garden.  In the fall at harvest time, the group has decided to donate their crop of vegetables to the local food-bank.  A huge thank-you to Homestead Hearth for their plot space and and facilitating our growing experience.


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