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Dallas's Art Journal

Work like the whole world is your family. Don't hate people because of their culture. Be proud of who you are. Never give up. Believe in yourself.  

Teddy Anderson was amazing at hoop dancing. My experience with him was cool. I liked it a lot. Everyone had fun hoop dancing. I was amazed. Drumming with Lucas Coffey was amazing too. Both drumming and hoop dancing. Today we read Why am I here? We are here to become the best version of ourselves. I am being the best version of myself right now. 

Competition. Don't ever stop believing in yourself, because of bullying either. Don't be down. Be up. Be a Proudness Champion. Culture is important. Respect. Make amazing choices. Use Teamwork. Be a team sport. No matter who people are, what culture they are, respect everyone. Try again. Never give up.


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