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Cultural Connections

Mrs. Moser’s Grade 3 class invited artist and mom Kizzy Cermak into the classroom! Ms. Cermak spoke to the group about her Cree traditions, showing her sweet-grass braid. She detailed the structure of a teepee and the materials used, with an emphasis on tradition and design.

The group then partook in creating dream-catchers and bead-work mini teepees. In Cree culture the dream-catcher is hung in or near a window. It is used to keep bad dreams out, as they will get caught in the webbing, only allowing good dreams to come through. 

Ms. Cermak accommodated the class projects over the course of 2 days. Freshly completed, their wares are now on proud display. A fantastic sharing project, as Grade 3’s grow their understanding of the beliefs and traditions of many cultures.


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