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Cattle Call

The herd has arrived! No stock trailer, heelers, hay or heard manager necessary. It is our latest exhibit from The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX). Cattle Call, is a collection from sixteen Albertan Artists of varying media and artistic styles. This exhibit includes 17 framed works and 2 sculptural pieces, a true celebration of our bovine friends. We are quite excited to bring this series to OES.

Whether raising them for agricultural endeavours or honouring them for religious beliefs cows are an important part of our world.  Kids love them, they know just how special they are!  The feedback thus far is staggering, staff and students alike are commenting on the works.  And just as with a actual herd, it’s easy to find your favourite, it will resonate with you almost instantly!

Stop by and take in the gentle beasts on display until mid-January.  For more information on this exhibit and other Art Gallery of Alberta events and programs visit


Mrs. T. Lesko


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