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Career & Technology Foundations

Gr. 5, 6 & 7 Career and Technology Foundations (CTF)

January 21 - 25, 2019

Welcome once again to Career and Technology Foundations (CTF)! We are excited to be continuing this learning opportunity for students and staff. This unique CTF options program allows OES grade 5, 6 & 7 teachers and community to collaboratively work together to provide programming and additional opportunities for all students. Something that all staff and students can get excited about!

What is CTF? CTF is a new digital curriculum for students in grades 6 to 9. CTF supports flexible, interdisciplinary learning. CTF is designed to be a unique curriculum that allows students to learn about occupational areas. Students develop skills in the areas of business, communication, human services, resources, and technology while working through engaging challenges.

Benefits of CTF? CTF enables students to participate in hands-on learning experiences and work towards creating real-life products, presentations or services.When we provide students with focused time to connect deeply with an area of study, students may develop a deeper passion for it than if they are only exposed to it for a short period of time once a week. Developing a deeper understanding and passion for it, some students may wish to continue to connect with it long after 5 days of the challenge are over.

Learning Flexibility - CTF allows students to explore interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities by doing an in-depth study on a topic of their choosing. The CTF curriculum is meant to expose students to various combinations of occupational areas that are also a part of the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) high school program. Whatever you plan to do in your life, at school, at home or in your future career, CTF will provide you with a valuable set of competencies and experiences that you will be able to transfer to future school, personal and work experiences. CTF helps students apply and reinforce learning developed in other subject areas and prepare for transition into adult roles in the family, community, workplace and/or further education.

Who is participating in CTF? All students in Grade 7 in the East End Schools will be participating in the CTF options each trimester at Grasmere School. All Grade 5 & 6 students at OES participate in their choice of options and they take place both at the school and out in our community!

What are the CTF Learning Outcomes that will be addressed during the sessions?

  • I explore my interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities.
  • I use occupational area skills, knowledge and technologies.
  • I follow safety requirements associated with occupational areas and related technologies.
  • I demonstrate environmental stewardship associated with occupational areas.
  • I plan in response to challenges.
  • I make decisions in response to challenges.
  • I adapt to change and unexpected events.
  • I solve problems in response to challenges.
  • I create products, performances or services in response to challenges.
  • I appraise the skills, knowledge and technologies used to respond to challenges.
  • I communicate my learning.
  • I determine how my actions affect learning.
  • I develop skills that support effective relationships.
  • I collaborate to achieve common goals.


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