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A fantastic component of my responsibilities at Onoway Elementary School is working on our website. I get the privilege of capturing moments in photographs and words, then sharing them out into the virtual world. The goal is to keep the website fresh and ever-changing. With the abundance of activities that take place within this school community there is no shortage for content. 

I work many articles from the Learning Commons perspective. Moments that intersect with my environment. As in the Operation Christmas Child shoe-boxes, on display on our tables. Questions and writing material for feedback posed by our Grade 3 classes.  Another venture, the Grade 2 Chain of Compassion, has brought a huge amount of recent activity. Students and adults alike are adding link upon link of beautiful expressions of compassion. While l have a jar full of links ready to be filled out, my biggest role in this endeavour has been the blog and tweets for support. 

I always question whether my focus is accurate; am I curating the best possible content?  I certainly hope so, my wish is that you’ll enjoy taking in these postings just a portion of the amount I enjoy sharing them.

Mrs. Lesko


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