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Alberta SPCA Recognizes OES Students

The Every One Counts contest, sponsored by the Alberta SPCA, selected three entries to receive a prize for doing a great job of of telling why the animals count and what actions people need to do to provide proper care and treat animals with respect.

Ally, Delta, and Hailey from 2M decided to create their own pig report at home once they began to learn about pigs in their class. Their teacher, Miss Malik helped them combine their reports into a PowerPoint. The students gave information on pigs, explained why pigs count, and described what people can do to show pigs respect. Ally, Delta, and Hailey even made a mock habitat they thought a pig would like!

The entire 2M class was also featured in a short video highlighting students that participated in 15 consecutive days of bringing kindness to the world. 

Take a look at the to view the video celebrating the accomplishments of our students.



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