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Agriculture Day 2017

Canada's Agriculture Day was February 16th, 2017

Canada's Agriculture Day is a time to showcase all of the amazing things happening in the agriculture industry and create a closer connection with consumers about where their food comes from and the people who produce it.

There are many ways to be part of the conversation, share your ag pride and celebrate the ag industry all year long. Check out the Top 10 reasons to celebrate Canadian agriculture.

Some classes from Onoway Elementary School participated in learning more about the different jobs involved in getting our food to our plates. We celebrated the various types of farms and the important work that farmers do!

Students that were involved read stories, listened to a music video and wrote poetry to capture the event.  The video called Farmers Feed the World can be enjoyed here as well as some samples of acrostic poetry below:



A wesome

G row

R ain

I mportant

C ountry

U seful

L and

T ractors

U tterly Amazing

R oots

E ggcellent!


D inners

A pples

Y ummy





A nimals

R oots






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